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Welcome to our 6-day Holy Land tour, designed to be efficient yet comprehensive, encompassing the most significant locations. For many, it will be a fulfilling experience, while for some, it will merely whet their appetite for more exploration. Join us on this unforgettable journey of discovery and spirituality in the heart of Israel.

Robert Rose, Product Designer

6 Days Tour

Day 1

Ancient Ruins

Beginning of 3 different periods


A day spent on the Mount of Galillee will encompass magnificent vistas of the Yizrael Valley, captivating biblical sites, intriguing archaeological findings, refreshing clean air, and the surrounding natural landscapes.

Day 2

Jesus ministry

Sailing on sea of Galillee-> Capernaum->Mount of beatitude->Church of loaves and fish->Magdala        

A day of exploring the ministry of Jesus in the northern region of Galilee. Visit the churches that dot the serene shores of the Sea of Galilee, marvel at the picturesque vistas of the Yizrael Valley, and connect with the tranquility and natural beauty of this significant biblical and remarkable area.

Hasidic Jews

Day 3

Jordan valley to Judea valley

Ein harod->Kasr el-yahud->Qumran->Dead sea

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Day 4

Judean desert and Jerusalem in Jesus times

Masada->Olive mount->Gethsemene-> City of David->Last supper&King david tomb

From the First Temple era to the Second Temple, the Old Testament guides us on a profound journey that leads to the New Testament in the holy capital.

Western Wall

Day 5

Ancient day in the holy cities 

Temple mount->Western wall-> Via dolorosa-> Garden tomb->bethlehem Sheperds field

Experience a captivating day in Jerusalem's Old City, delving into the events of Jesus' last week of life and discovering their profound connections to the Old Testament. Immerse yourself in the rich history and spiritual significance as we trace the footsteps of Jesus through this ancient and sacred city.

Day 6

Jerusalem of nowadays

Yad vashem->Israel museum->knesset->Airport

This day will center around the establishment of the Israeli state in the very place where Jews have lived and set up their religion. We will explore the challenges faced over the past decades, delve into the current situation, and celebrate the enduring hope that has been the driving force behind this remarkable achievement.

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