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Bicycle in Asia

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A ChineseRaeli mixed couple (+2) met in Beijing.

Aries is a specialist in marketing and customer relations.

Igal has a background of 8 years in guiding tourists in both China and Israel, in Chinese, English and Hebrew.

We are passionate about arranging the best experience for you, by combining all the parameters together and making it the greatest tour for you. 


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Day Trippin
Kids Blowing Bubbles
“Had a great experience in Israel especially for my 11 years old daughter. Luckily I had the right people at the right place”

Daisy Lau, Hong Kong


Having positive vibes, an energizing spirit, and a cheerful mood is paramount when traveling. Our top priority is to ensure your comfort, as it lays the groundwork for an exceptional experience. Once you feel at ease, we can attend to your journey's other aspects with utmost care.

Spiritual activity

In addition to our focus on archaeological exploration, our biblical tour also offers profound spiritual activities. We firmly believe in maintaining a strong connection with nature, our historical heritage, and most importantly, ourselves. Throughout the tour, we provide opportunities for introspection, self-reflection, and spiritual growth.

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