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Christian Quarter of Jerusalem


This is your opportunity to visit two of the most significant Christian cities, experiencing the essence of two distinct countries just a 15-minute drive apart. Follow the captivating narrative of the birth and death of the Messiah, tracing the footsteps from the historical routes of David.

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Pebble Road

Mt. Olives-->Gethsemane

Significant places of Jesus' last pray, a place of ascension, a holy mount for all 3 monotheist religions

Olive mount - panoramic overview (30 minutes)

We will drive to jerrusalem to start our tour at the fascinating panoramic overview of the old city from the olive mount. We will learn about the holly place for all 3 monothaest religions, the most ancient Jewish graveyard and the place Jesus ascended to heaven. Then we will drive down to Gathsemene, where Jesus last prayer and was betrayed by his disciples Judas.

Total duration - 60 minutes


Last supper room->Wailing wall->City of David

Walk at the Zion mount to the last Supper room, Where Jesus and his disciples had the Passover dinner, where the Christian religion started to spread to the world- duration 60 minutes.

Then enter the old city through Zion gate towards the famous Wailing while seeing the magic of the Jewish quarter, Write your wish on a piece of paper and put it tiny into the holes of the wall. Duration - 90 minutes

Leave the old city to arrive at the original place of the first city of 3000 years ago when King David was there, See the archeological findings that explain the bible stories. Duration- 90 minutes 

Image by Bruno Aguirre

Bethlehem->Church of the Shepherds

Drive from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and enjoy lunch in the Palestinian city - Duration 90 minutes
The fascinating Shepherds' Field Church in Bethlehem offers a sacred space where visitors can reflect on the humble beginnings of Jesus's birth, surrounded by the pastoral landscape that once witnessed the angelic announcement to the shepherds. Duration 60 minutes

church of nativity

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