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Image by Cristina Gottardi

Masada & Dead Sea 

About this tour

This tour will take you to a Jewish heritage experience at the times of Jesus in the magnificent Judean desert holding the valley in which the lowest place on earth is located. But spiritually, it's definitely high.





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Pebble Road


The fortress built by King Herod, which eventually became the final bastion of the Jews during the great rebellion, showcases an incredible tale of resilience. Their inspiring story serves as a testament that faith is the last to falter.

The most visited national park in Israel offers great attraction for everyone. Amazing view from the top of the cliff at the Judean desert, brave Jewish heritage, and beautiful remains built by King Herods. The place you don't want to miss.  (120 minutes)

Image by Kelly Repreza


The location of the greatest archaeological discoveries, the Dead Sea Scrolls, holds significant connections to the ideas that shaped Christianity, as they were written by the people who inhabited that region, contributing to the foundation of the faith.

Come to see the greatest archeological discovery of the 20th century, a proof of Jews living here writing the bible the same words as we read it today. What was their lifestyle? and why they made the choice to live in the faraway desert (150 minutes including lunch)

Image by Konrad Hofmann

Dead Sea relaxation

Ending a day filled with thrilling adventures by floating in the Dead Sea is nothing short of perfection, providing a rejuvenating experience that makes you feel ten (or twenty years younger.

In the end of the day, nothing is better than floating in the dead sea. It's a wonderful experience. Enjoy it (180 minutes)

Applying Dead sea Mud
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